Instruments Of Monetary And Fiscal Policy

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If some banks are short on deposits to meet the requirement, they borrow from other banks. That will have negative implications for efficiency, and also possibly for sustainability if lack of equity capital precludes investments in land improvements.

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Keynesian view of making judgements on fiscal instruments monetary and policy of the decision. In general, it is worth noting that the Republic of Tajikistan established a stable monetary mechanism that satisfies the needs of economic sectors.

The tax policy priorities and instruments in each phase are discussed in the following paragraphs. Small borrowers are large fiscal instruments of monetary and policy could borrow from time. Worse, it also causes inefficient and unsustainable use of the resource. Monetary policy can be expansionary and contractionary in nature.

If the fiscal authority has to adjust, it will suggest that debt management should not be used to support monetary policy or poor fiscal policy.

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Inflation is a sustained increase in the general level of prices, which is equivalent to a decline in the value or purchasing power of money.

It was proven that the period of economic transformation significantly changed the perception of the role of financial and monetary instruments in economic development and reinstated their priority in the system of state regulation of an emerging market economy.

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