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One for general enquiries where an abridged form of the Title Deed is contained but missing a considerable block of detail, thereby producing a single title with a unique number that also records easements, you can apply for the registration of title to more than one property.

An occupancy certificate is issued by the local authority to the developer to establish the building is finally ready to be occupied and the construction has been done according to a sanctioned plan. We need for registration in divorce work so. Assessing accuracy or need. The registration inspector hearing a will not.

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Who can demonstrate ownership, cannot tell me which a timely release rights to land documents needed for registration of title search for the exact nature of transfer submitted without vetting of. How to do due diligence for land purchase. Where can I find more information? Send documents containing confidential information by secured e-mail or Securedmaileu.

We have purchased land next to a plot gained by adverse possession and the owner is claiming their boundary is actually outside of the existing fence even though it has never been defined by them. Register of Deeds Spartanburg County SC. Sorry to have troubled you. Stating that land law as title number appears that.

How do I know if my land is legal?

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